Martin Data LLC is a provider of highly accurate non-FCRA credit header person data for identity verification, SSN trace, age verification, skip tracing, and more. We service mainly mid and enterprise level users in the finance, mortgage, e-commerce, and background search industries. Our data is available via XML API for those needing to integrate data into their product or application. Batch data processes are also available.

If your needs are for an investigative product to look up people or businesses, please see our USInfoSearch division for record-by-record access to the same high quality data.

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Mark Richard, Ph.D.

Mark has deep experience in data compilation and storage, algorithms, and search methods. With a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Mark’s focus is on data quality and data applications, with a commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Trent Martin

Trent co-founded Martin Data in 2007. He has helped build the company by engaging with clients at every level, and showing the value of Martin Data's identity verification and fraud detection tools for customers both small and large.

VP of Sales
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AJ Holloway

AJ is responsible for Martin Data's databases and technology. In addition to leading the Martin Data development team, AJ works with customers incorporating Martin Data data queries into their own application as API/XML services. AJ is known for his expertise and ability to find the best technical solutions for customers.

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Deana Gilmore

Deana has been with Martin Data since 2011. Deana is responsible for the Customer Service team, for customer satisfaction, and credentialing. Deana's passion is excellence in customer experience.

VP of Client Services
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Nick Netotian

Nick is a customer service/sales rep who is knowledgeable in all aspects of customer service.

Customer Service and Sales
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