Age and Identity Verification with Martin Data

Product Highlight: Age & Identity Verification

After many requests and much industry demand, Martin Data has a new product joining the lineup. We’re pleased to announce ID Verification via API! This product is ideal for businesses who are interested in making sure that their customers are who they say they are (“know your customer” situations) as well as those looking to […]

EasySwitch XML – an interview with our CTO

Word around the office is that we have added a new feature to our API platform. Not being a real techie, I decided to quiz our CTO, AJ Holloway, about this new feature. Here’s what I learned! Jason Wiseman: Ok, so everyone’s talking about this new “EasySwitch XML” – what can you tell me about […]

Security! How do potential clients get credentialed?

With the ever-present threat of data insecurity in our modern world, it is incumbent upon those with the access to sensitive records to only share it with those that can be trusted with it.USInfoSearch has a number of strict requirements to ensure the suitability of a potential client. Here’s what we check for before we […]