Your ultimate source for Background Searches, Skip Tracing, and More.

People Search

Find individuals by name, address, SSN, phone, or other parameters. Get historic addresses, phone numbers, aliases, relatives, and much more. Ideal for skip trace, application verification, fraud prevention, and more. The ideal background search solution.

Identity Verification

Confirm the identity of an individual. Our SSN Validation allows you to verify and validate the name and SSN match and if the address is valid. Quickly verify credentials of customers, applicants, potential business partners, and vendors. Our credit header data is also ideal for age verification for e-commerce applications!

Bankruptcies, Leans, Judgments (BLJ)

Enhance your risk management by checking if an individual has bankruptcies, liens, and judgements. What you don’t know can hurt you!

Court and Criminal Records

Find court records (civil and/or criminal) for individuals. Detailed information about the case and outcome is available to give you the information you need. Search by name, address, DOB, and more.

Business Data

Search for businesses. Find the address, ownership, contact information, Look up by name, EIN, or phone. Find UCC filings, or Bankruptcies / Liens / Judgments for the business.

Non-FCRA data on 300 million people.